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The Futurist

10-Oct-2016 14:53:20

The return of the Adelaide Festival of Ideas

Author: Nick Crowther

Freerange Future has been working closely with the Adelaide Festival of Ideas team all this year to help bring the festival back from the abyss. It's been immensely enjoyable working closely with such a passionate and enlightened group on the rebirth of this crucial event.

20-Sep-2016 10:35:00

The KIO Content Model for Cause Websites

Author: Nick Crowther

When it comes to deciding what content to put into your website it helps to consider the KIO content model. This way of thinking about content groups all content into three buckets; Knowledge, Information and Offer.

Topics: Nonprofit, Digital

12-Sep-2016 17:03:49

User Journeys in Cause Websites

Author: Nick Crowther

Not everyone who visits your website or sits in your database is ready to donate, become a member, buy or take the other actions that you want them to do. Your user personas should take this into account, incorporating a theory of what they need to experience in order to take action. You can consider the steps people take from first landing on your website to ultimately taking that action as a journey.

Topics: Nonprofit, Digital

05-Sep-2016 15:32:23

Website strategy

Author: Nick Crowther

When people talk about digital strategy they often mean their digital marketing plan but digital strategy incorporates much more than marketing. Digital strategy is a broad term which for a cause focused organisation can include marketing, sales, fundraising, membership and relationship management, support, IT infrastructure, governance, knowledge management, customer experience and more.

Topics: Nonprofit, Digital

29-Aug-2016 10:30:00

Know who you are

Author: Nick Crowther

If you’re going to build a deep rapport with people and foster a community aligned with your purpose, you need to be very clear about who you are.

Topics: Brand, Nonprofit

22-Aug-2016 13:07:02

The Pyramid Approach to creating a brilliant cause driven website

Author: Nick Crowther

We’ve made a lot of websites in the last 10 years. There are many things that all well made websites have in common but when a website needs to support a cause or achieve a social purpose, there is a whole extra dimension to it.

Topics: Brand, Nonprofit, Digital