Analytics for cause and culture

Google Analytics is vital to understanding your audience and optimising your website, but also your marketing and communications strategy more broadly. Having the right set up and knowing what to look for can make a huge difference to the success of your campaigns and converting supporters, volunteers and donors.

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Google Analytics can be overwhelming, and sometimes its hard to know where to start. In this session we’ll show you how to use analytics effectively and how to interpret the data you see in there for actionable insights.

What we cover

  • Introduction to Google Analytics: How can it help you measure, target and convert more traffic website?
  • Best practice set up: implementing events and goals, best practice for campaign URLs
  • Understanding the dashboard: what to look for and how to act on the numbers
  • How do people find you: interpreting the acquisition report, how does organic search compare to Facebook?
  • Tracking your marketing campaigns: Learn how to track your custom marketing campaigns, along with best practice tagging techniques.


Nick.pngNick Crowther
Managing Director, Freerange Future
With more than fifteen years experience in digital, Nick consults to clients on strategy around engagement and participation: using digital tools to delight users and encourage active participation in online and real world campaigns.


Alicia.pngAlicia Wakeling
Head of Marketing, Freerange Future
Alicia is a marketing and communications professional with experience working with small local businesses and NFPs, national charities and global brands. She has a broad range of skills with strong digital and social media expertise, brand management, content marketing, advertising, media, as well as PR.