New Year, New You?

Ready to start 2017 with a bang? We are. And we’d love to help you define and achieve your 2017 business objectives. We’ve developed a great tool to help cause driven organisations  analyse their current position, identify and prioritise opportunities and objectives, then develop a roadmap to move forward to a better brand presence.

Why we developed the tool

Well, often a brief comes from a client that upon deeper inspection is focused on resolving symptoms, not the underlying cause of communications challenges. Often communications are visually and tonally inconsistent, messaging lacks depth and self knowledge, communication is not appropriately targeted to audience segments and simple digital opportunities are overlooked.

What to expect

The structured diagnostic process analyses everything from values and purpose, through narrative and messaging, to brand application, marketing, comms and digital strategies. Through this process we can develop a thorough understanding of your organisation and identify the root causes of your marketing and communications challenges, helping to unearth new opportunities. From this baseline we can then determine where your organisation needs to be and develop a strategy to get from here to there effectively and efficiently.