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The Futurist

Alicia Wakeling

Alicia is an experienced marketing and communications professional with brand and agency experience both in Australia and the UK, having worked with small local businesses and NFPs through to national charities and global brands. She has developed a broad range of skills spanning all aspects of marketing; with strong digital and social media expertise, brand management, content marketing, advertising, media, as well as PR.
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Recent Posts

03-Feb-2017 10:03:37

Is your brand and marketing strategy in order for 2017?

Author: Alicia Wakeling
You blinked and now January is gone. If like many people, you’d intended on having an impressive marketing plan for 2017 figured out by now but got distracted along the way, don’t worry, there’s still time!

Marketing planning can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be. By setting informed objectives, establishing metrics up front and getting the basic right, developing strategy becomes a quicker and easier process. Here’s our accelerated guide to developing your plan for 2017.

Topics: Brand, Digital, Marketing

17-Nov-2016 09:16:26

Get started with persona development

Author: Alicia Wakeling

In the lead up to our webinar on personalising cause marketing on December 7, we’re diving into the world of segments, personas and data driven marketing. The obvious place to start for an organisation looking to develop a personalisation strategy, is to create personas.

Topics: Digital, Marketing

07-Nov-2016 09:48:15

Why personalisation counts in Nonprofit marketing

Author: Alicia Wakeling

Personalisation has been a hot topic for nonprofit marketers in 2016 and no doubt the conversation will continue into the new year. It’s for good reason-with organisations using personalising seeing dizzying results, like behavioural trigger emails getting a 152% higher click-through rate than the traditional batch and blast approach.

Topics: Digital, Marketing