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The Futurist

22-Aug-2016 13:07:02

The Pyramid Approach to creating a brilliant cause driven website

Author: Nick Crowther

We’ve made a lot of websites in the last 10 years. There are many things that all well made websites have in common but when a website needs to support a cause or achieve a social purpose, there is a whole extra dimension to it.

Topics: Brand, Nonprofit, Digital

04-Aug-2016 14:22:40

New eBook: The Complete Cause Driven Website

Author: Nick Crowther

Over the last decade we've created lots and lots of websites for purpose driven organisations including charities, social enterprises, non profits, CSR programs and community engagement within government.

As our approach to web development has matured, we've developed an approach to conceptualising, planning and implementing cause driven website projects that we call the Pyramid Approach. A complete view of a website from brand and strategy, through the interface design and content we normally think of as a website, right through to infrastructure and ongoing improvement, the Pyramid Approach has been structured to increase and sustain the online brilliance of cause driven organisations.

Topics: Nonprofit, Digital

06-May-2016 15:49:18

Storytelling is a powerful tool for nonprofits

Author: Nick Crowther

Storytelling is a fundamental part of the human experience. We’re told stories from a very early age and like to share them right up until the end. Stories cross cultures and generations. They enable us to share our most intimate experiences and hard learned lessons.

Topics: Nonprofit, Marketing, Storytelling

18-Mar-2016 12:00:59

We are a B Corporation!

Author: Nick Crowther

Good news. Freerange Future is now a B Corporation. We’ve been steadily working towards this over the last six months and today we’ve finally received our accreditation!

03-Dec-2015 21:09:34

Nonprofit marketing must be an authentic conversation

Author: Nick Crowther

In nonprofit marketing there are low hanging fruit. There are some people out there already aligned with your cause, people who are happy to donate to many worthy causes and plenty of people who’ll sign your petition.

Topics: Nonprofit, Marketing

13-Nov-2015 17:22:50

5 questions to ask when determining your nonprofit's core values.

Author: Amy Milhinch
Values are the fundamental beliefs of an organisation. They support your vision and culture and reflect what your organisation holds dear. Your values should be authentic, meaningful and lived but so many organisations create diluted and flippant values which go on to communicate just that: fluff.

Topics: Brand, Nonprofit